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Couples Ministry

We believe that marriage was started by God in the Garden of Eden, we believe in building and equipping Families to have a successful God filled Household and peaceful marriages. Help Couples to understand each other in a deeper level. The purpose of marriage is ultimately to glorify God since he tells us he made us for his glory (Isaiah 43:7). Marriage is the covenant union of a man and a woman for the purpose of committing to each other in companionship, provision of food and shelter, sexual privileges, children, and protection. A lot of people think marriage is merely for companionship and love; but when self-serving reasons are the basis of marriage, those often fail to be a proper support for lasting marriage. Instead, the Bible tells us a lot about marriage; and when we submit to God's plan for it, we not only bring glory to God but we also develop healthy, good, and loving relationships within marriage..




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