EHBC Praise & Worship Team

Endless Hope Bible church Praise and Worship team

Giving God the praise and worship

EHBC worship team is made up of worshippers that use their talents to give God the praise and worship. This music ministry welcomes every vocally talented members and/or individuals that can play any musical instrument to worship God in truth and in spirit.

Our Goals

Our Purpose

To allow the Holy Spirit to use us to lead the congregation to praise and worship God and magnify the Lord Jesus Christ. Help people connect with Him by facilitating musical worship experiences. Each member of the ministry must allow themselves to be used by God to invite seekers into a relationship with Him and encourage and challenge believers to grow in their relationship with Jesus Christ

Our goal

  • To honor, exalt and glorify God through our praise and worship
  • To connect the congregation with God through our praise and worship
  • To heal and restore hope where it’s lost.
  • Minister to the congregation through praise and worship

Our activities

There are several activities that are aimed at blending and bonding the team and helping them grow spiritually and live a holy life. These activities include spiritual team building held every quarter of the year, bible classes before rehearsal on Saturdays and social outings.

If you would like to use your gifts in in our music ministry, please contact us @

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    53 Outeniqua Rd, Alrode South, Alberton 1451


    087 720 1029