EHBC Teens Ministry

Endless Hope Bible Church Teens Ministry

We are destiny super stars “The heralds that run with it”

The slogan of our Church is: “The Church of your Destiny” and as the future generation, the teenagers are the strength of the Vision.

Our Mission

Teens Ministry is where we unearth, develop & nurture Gifts Talents. We are Destiny Superstars and we welcome young people from all walks of life to discover their reason for breathing. Our programs are exciting, educational & really challenge a young person grows in all areas of their life more especially their relationship with God the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit.

Our Goals

  • Salvation—to see from their testimony and conduct that every teenager has received Christ as their personal Savior. Romans 10:9,10
  • Evangelization to train each young person to share the Gospel and allow opportunities to lead someone to Christ
  • Devoted Teens to encourage each teen to develop a more intimate knowledge of God. 2 Pt. 3:18
  • A teachable, humble, obedient spirit learning to honor and obey the authorities that God has placed in our live
  • Responsibility to learning to respect others and their property, working together (carrying one’s own part of the load), cleaning up after oneself
  • Friendship making friends by reaching out to others, providing opportunities for small groups and socializing
  • Character attempting to develop qualities in the young people that honor Christ and are respectable.
Endless Hope Bible Church teens ministry

Our Activities

We host fellowships in schools, parks, soccer grounds, basketball, volleyball & tennis courts… Engaging in Music, Dance, Acting, Poetry etc

Everybody matters to God! Come fellowship with us

If you would like to use your gifts in any of our fellowships, please send us an email @

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    53 Outeniqua Rd, Alrode South, Alberton 1451


    087 720 1029