EHBC Women Ministry

EHBC women's ministry is dynamic group which aims to change, transform and empower women of all ages from all walks of life, Led by Mrs H.I Makamu. This ministry welcomes women's as they are and encourages active participation to promote growth, spiritually, socially and financially.

Our goal

Increase women participation in serving the Lord.
• Create opportunities where women can minister to women and young women in different facets of their lives.
• Establish a place of peace for women to retreat to from their busy lives and have quiet time with God or engage in fellowship with other women believers.
• Help women start or maintain an effective prayer life.
• Start and Maintain spiritual reading groups.
• Provide literature, guest speakers and retreats to assist women’s spiritual growth and increase their understanding of health issues that affects their mind, body and spirit.

Our Mission Statement

Our Activities

There are several activities that are aimed at bringing women together and create an atmosphere of growth and transformation through the word of God. Just to name a few of our services, Monthly meetings on every 3rd Saturday of every month, annually family fun walk, Bring and share fellowship and a soup kitchen every Tuesday at 14h00 to help those that are in need and give back to our community.

If you would like to use your gifts in any of our fellowships, please send us an email @

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    53 Outeniqua Rd, Alrode South, Alberton 1451


    087 720 1029